Property Management Dashboard

Managing your portfolio will never be the same again

Property Management Dashboard

Always available no matter where you are

Device Responsive, Secure & Fast

The Property Manager Dashboard is a cloud based portal of information you will love. It boasts a futuristic and modern interface with easy to navigate across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Access it from anywhere as long as you have internet access. The dashboard is further supported via the native mobile application where you can access you documents, engagement features and job and workflow management on your device without the need of dashboard login.

The view you need

A Single Customer View

Get the Insights without searching

The Property Manager Dashboard boasts a number of “Views” that will drive efficiencies.

  • Single Building View
  • Single Lot / Tenant View
  • Single App User View

Use our SCV Search and find the results you need and pick up where you left off without fail.

Connected to the App

Your connection to engaging with your tenants

Real-time connection

The Property Manager Dashboard connects and manage all the features in the tenant engagements apps specific to each property type. So now you not only manage your portfolio but you directly manage their experience and content and let them engage with the app providing them with an experience like no other.

Access to the full suite

The Property Manager Dashboard is your gateway to so much more

Add Features & Manage in one place

The Property Manager Dashboard gives you the ability to manage cross the portfolio or to your assigned buildings, depending on which features you want for each building. Some of the features you access within the dashboard.

  • All tenant engagement app feature management
  • Single Customer/ Building/ User Views
  • Bookings & Services
  • Job Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Key Fob Management
  • Permissions management
  • Live Chat
  • Broadcast of notifications
  • Document Storage
  • Task Manager

and thats just the beginning …

Let’s work together to change property management


Asset Classes

    - Residential

    - Commercial

    - Retail


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