Retail Shopping Centres

Built for Asset Managers & Centre Management to support managing the retail centre and have a way to directly engage with the retailers both in centre and at a head office level.


Always available no matter where you are

Device Responsive, Secure & Fast

The Centre Manager Dashboard is a cloud based portal of information you will love. It boasts a futuristic and modern interface with easy to navigate across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Access it from anywhere as long as you have internet access. The dashboard is further supported via the native mobile application where you can access you documents, engagement features and job and workflow management on your device without the need of dashboard login.


Giving the retailer experience a revamp

How you engage with your retailers has revolutionised

The Retailer Native mobile application is across both Apple and Google Appstore. Built with the user experience as the number 1 aspect we have kept every building to look premium, deliver value and accessibility at their fingertips.

Your retailers are time sensitive but still want to be engaged ongoing.

The App Connects all aspects of the retail centre from Live Chat with centre management, Live Streaming of meetings from the comfort of their home , Document Access thats relevant to them, Marketplace & Offers to make it easier, Maintenance Job logging, Booking of leasing space or advertising and messages broadcasted to them directly about whats happening at the centre.


Manage the To-Do list across the portfolio

Don't let things fall between the cracks

Retailers have expectations to be delivered quality centre management experience, after all they are paying their rent.

Task Manager was born to help support your business practices across your portfolio to have visibility of all tasks and their status no matter what it is. Manage expectations better will increasing your value.

Task Manager lets you assign tasks, update status’s, have a notes audit and understand how long its been open. A great tool for any business

Marketing Budgets

Budgeting doesn’t need to be hard. We’ve made it simple, safe and relevant

Managing your marketing budgets can be easy

Managing your marketing budget can be easy… Stratafy Budgeting has made it simple, transparent and user friendly to ensure every record, report and delivery is done right. Some of our features

  • Create Budgets for different program of works
  • Create Revenue and Expense Codes
  • Quick Reporting to see what you have left.
  • The ledger clearly shows every line linked to an expense.


Manage Jobs on the go with full transparency

Logging Requests has never been easier

Logging of jobs can be done by both Public (Common Area’s) or Private (Specific Retailer).

Everything related to that job will be visible to all parties as permissions. With full transparency from logging of job through to invoice approval.

Our Work Order automation is linked through to this which automates the process between Centre Management and Suppliers and only injection upon decision points like approvals or confirmations.


New revenue generation through the app provides offers to the retailer instantly

All opportunities are at their fingertips

Marketplace allows you to offer booking and purchasing of products and services directly to retailers to make it more convenient and relevant to them.

  • Book Fitness Classes
  • Offer Insurance
  • Offer Energy Deals
  • Food Offers
  • Pop-Up Leasing Space
  • Book Centre Advertising packages


Store, Manage, Access … Everywhere

Automated, Simple, Transparent

Document management has been re-imagined. The management dashboard allows you to store documents and categorised as required with quick access and search for anything you need. In addition to this allow for different users to access the documents relevant to them through permission settings from their device. Opening any document is quick and easy and has the ability to be directly printed from the device and shared via email for quick access and sharing capability.

  • Retailers can see their lease agreements relevant to them, any documents and form they need.
  • Contractors can see compliance training documents prior to commencing work
  • Employees can see their working timetables and relevant information
  • Management can see relevant reports


Full visibility of all Key’s for the building

Key Not available, Keys In, Keys Out, Key Partial

Managing the keys and codes to a building is a crucial part of managing it. The key fob management dashboard lets you manage all keys, update its status’s and know exactly where each key is with reminders set for overdue keys.


Deliver premium service with concierge at your fingertips

Flights, Bookings, Support ... all available

We have the technology for your concierge services to go to the next level. With your concierge offerings to be what ever you like and can be manage through a direct phone call to the right departments or a live chat to a concierge provider device.


Effortlessly communicate to the right users straight to their device

Don't be limited or charged extra

Stratafy comes standard with Broadcasting Rich Notification to all end mobile users. You can broadcast to everyone or maybe just your team or contractors. With the ability to schedule or send instantly. A higher open rate then E-mail and SMS.

Analytics: You can also track who opened and when so you know who has been informed.


Easily Manage the property with a combination of features both on the dashboard and mobile application.

Automated, Simple, Transparent

Our facilities management features allow the end to end work order management and flow for all services of the building.

These include:

  • Building Wide Message broadcast
  • Asset Register
  • Key Fob Management
  • Preventative Work Order Schedule
  • Reactive Work Orders
  • Safety Document Management
  • Facility Mobility Quick information In-App Access
  • Budget Management against OPEX & CAPEX


Give your contractors/vendors simplicity when they work with you

End to End Workflow

Stratafy supports contractor procurement and management ongoing. This include a mobile login for contractors to:

  • Receive Quote Request
  • Submit Quotes
  • Schedule Work Order Job dates
  • Submit Job Completion
  • Auto Submit and generate invoices on their own branded templates
  • Keep Track of all invoices that are yet to be paid
  • Fully trackable job information, building access, dedicated documentation for them end to end visibility


Manage time sheets or cleaning of the amenities all through the app

Clock-on, Clock-off, Amenities Cleaned Logged

Time management is crucial, and letting your employees and contractors manage their timesheet digitally through the app is now here. This is all then tracked and reviewed in the manager dashboard. It also boasts the capability to write notes for each shift.

In addition the days of writing on the back of papers for bathrooms for cleaning complete is done…. Now it can be logged through the app and be notified when an amenity is not cleaned during a period of time allocated. E.g. The Main Foodcourt Toilets need to be cleaned every 20 minutes, if not cleaned a reminder is then sent.