Stratafy Support

Log your ticket and we will be in touch from our Stratafy Support Staff


At Stratafy we operate a very professional business with the expectation that common courtesy to all staff in all methods of communication is adhered to.

All rude behaviour will result in your ticket that has been logged to be de-prioritised.

We go above and beyond for our clients, and things can sometimes get frustrating but there is never a reason to be mean and aggressive to people.

We have a zero bullying and aggressive behaviour policy and this will be enforced and supported by all clients, staff and management.

Please ensure you word all requests politely.

When logging a support ticket:

Please be detailed with your request >>>  Generic comments will not get the right outcome. So give as much information as possible.

Management Clients:

All weekend requests and after hour request will be charged with additional fee’s (reference knowledge base). SLA within 2 business days for a response.

End Owners and Tenants Mobile App and web portal support:

End Customer mobile app support is free 24/7 – Usually a response will be provided within 2 business days.

If your request is related to pending verification’s then please note you need to reach out to your Strata Manager and not to us as we are the Software Technology.

Any requests with regards to the building (e.g. maintenance, document access or building information…) will also need to go via your Strata Manager and not the technology company. This page is not for those requests.

IOS AND ANDROID APPS – Please be aware if you downloaded your app before July 1st 2022 you will need to delete and re-download the latest version for ios and android app to work. Please do that prior to logging a ticket.