Who do we help ?

We service stakeholders across the entire property management service space
We are here to bring you value
We strive to build your value through New Revenue Generation, Cost Reduction, Operational Efficiencies, Risk Reduction and most importantly providing end users with a great tenant experience
Property Owners
Add value to your portfolio with end to end visibility improving your NOI
Facility Managers
Automated, organised FM to support smooth running of your property

Hotel Managers

Manage your building, the hotel occupants and room service all through best engagement and management

Asset Managers
Bring value to your asset through rich tenant experiences and end to end efficiencies.
Centre Management
Manage your centre end to end, including your budgets, Front line Staff, facilities and Retailer Engagement


Keep track of Defects, Communicate with Owners for handover and easier handovers

Property Managers
Add value to your negotiations and see the full stacking plan and tenants 360 degrees
Connected to your building like never before. Your building is more about your lifestyle and how you get the most of it
Strata Managers
Manage your entire portfolio with ease so you can focus on the relationships
Safety Managers
Audit trails through to risk mitigation all easily managed


Asset Classes

    - Residential

    - Commercial

    - Retail



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